Golf Revue

Magazin Design, Editorial Design, Art direction, Content

At brand unit, we don’t ask ourselves whether it is print or digital.

For us it’s print AND digital. Why should you pass up one or the other? If done correctly, print and digital can form a perfect symbiosis, a hole-in-one, so to speak. This is the case with Golf Revue. For the redesign of the premium golf magazine, which is part of the News publishing group, brand unit created a new conceptual and graphic world, which is supported by a mixture of classic and modern typography. Especially the cover concept works as an extension of the online world and thus enables direct references to the digital level. In addition to the new design, brand unit is also responsible for the magazine’s entire content strategy. With 18 holes total, it is only logical that the magazine takes on a variety of topics. Travel, indulgence, joy, pleasure, cuisine, curiosities, equipment and fun. A great handicap, as golfers would say.

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